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Our Story

Hi and welcome!


My name is Alessio and my nickname is Gogo. So was really easy for me to decide the name of my company!


It  all started back in 2015 when I decided to  become vegan. As Italian, I really missed the lovely pasta I used to eat back home in Florence.

I am a chef by trade so I used my skills to create my own vegan friendly pasta and fillings so that everyone can enjoy it!

GogoVego strives to give you the best pasta using only Vegan ingredients and ethical food practices.

Vegan world…let’s make it happen!


Our Vision

We strive every day to bring you the happiness and the Italian joy of eating well one meal at the time.

Our Mission

To make exceptional Pasta for our customers, our people and community. 



Ryan D.

Had Alessio cater our wedding reception back in April and cannot recommend him enough!! 4 months later and guests are still raving about the arancini balls! His personal service, attention to detail, and all-round attitude are all exceptional and made a huge difference on our big day. Please, if you're vegan or love great Italian food definitely consider hitting up this fabulous team to get the job done, you won't be disappointed 


Monica D.

"I tried your ravioli at the Autumn Harvest Night Markets. Sublime, bellissimo, sensational. Very authentic. The best vegan pasta I have ever tasted. Thank you."


Carolyn A.

"Had the most wonderful ravioli with potato today from this company at Marrickville markets. The taste was simply excellent. I have never had anything like this and I am Sicilian. The fine tastes within i cant even guess. The flavours were revealed the more i ate and i can tell you my tummy and tongue are very happy...Excellent food and the most pleasant service. I loved that the food is cooked fresh on the spot and of course cruelty free."


Laura J.

"Gogo vego's pasta is simply delicious! I hadn't eaten ravioli for years and years, and their ravioli is so superior to anything I remember eating. I also purchased some frozen pasta, which was simple to prepare (boil it!) and tasted so fresh. I can't wait to have it again!"

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