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Cooking Classes

Not only we do the most delicious vegan-friendly pasta, we also offer you cooking classes.


Have you ever wanted to learn how to make fresh pasta by hand?


Roll up your sleeves and spend a day learning how to make the perfect dough and then create different pasta dishes. Pick up some hands-on classic techniques as you learn how to roll, flavour and cut different styles of pasta. Pasta is not only food but is history and culture behind these simple ingredients!


Our professional chefs provide practical, hands-on instruction in the comfort of your own home. Using only the best produce, our chefs will show you the tricks of the trade to give you a practical and enjoyable experience. And best of all, after class you get to eat the fruits of your labour! We can costumise the cooking class based on what you want to learn.

Suitable for Beginners and home cooks.


  • Learn the techniques for making your own fresh pasta at home

  • Hand roll pasta dough and then create three different pasta styles

  • Learn how to use a manual pasta machine

  • Create dishes to complement your pasta

  • Learn how to cook perfect pasta every time

  • Learn how to use a manual pasta machine

  • History of Pasta



Handmade Gnocchi (GF)


Fresh Ravioli with Mugellana Style – with Tuscany Ragout


Classic Italian Tagliatelle with Fresh Tomato Sauce, Truffle Oil and Crushed Walnuts

  • Have a greater understanding of the techniques
    of pasta making

  • Learn knife skills and cutting techniques

  • Food safety and food prep techniques

  • Menu planning and produce selection

  • Tips to have a decent quick meal

  • Overivew in how to preserve food

  • Correct seasoning and plating


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